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Since our inception, our strategy has been anchored in innovation and technology.
This is why, in 2011, WNP 909 was awarded the title of Young Innovative Enterprise, a status awarded by the French government to start-ups that invest in research and development.

Our research and development has produced 2 technological solutions for Social Marketing:

Over-Graph is a unique self-service solution, which aggregates your Social Media audience to better host, moderate and analyze your campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or YouTube.

Over 100,000 profiles have adopted Over-Graph, which is free, self-service and non-binding.

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The Game Center is a solution for Data Catching, durable hosting and retargetting Social Marketing.

It optomizes acquisition costs for each campaign, as well as forms a unique qualified lead basees capabable of reactivating and retargeting.

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