ctx1 image is the distribution platform for the Accor Group, which represents more than 3,600 hotels around the world. By the end of December 2014, Accorhotels had launched 2 major services to reposition the platform: City Guides and Trip Planner, shedding light on where their hotels may be found.

How do we use Facebook as effective leverage for recruitment, while going beyond simple game competitions and enhancing the new positioning of

Our idea

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect holiday. It isn't simply a new place to lay your head. A holiday is the dreams you have when you're bored at work, when you secretly wish that one day, someone or something, like a shooting star, would come and make all your dreams come true.

The process

Let the user form their perfect holiday by answering a series of questions to determine their profile, then suggest the holiday of their dreams comprising of a hotel and an out of the ordinary activity linked to the destination.


Emblematic photoshoots took place in each of the destinations, merging the image with the experience so users could easily imagine themselves there.


More than a simple recruitment operation, a true experience

The metaphor used to incarnate the wish was a shooting star, an evocative image whatever the user's culture or origin may be. From this idea, we created a video of a starry night, narrated by an enchanting voice. This then delicately leads the user to tell us more about who they are and what they like. At the end of the experience, as if by magic the destination which best corresponds to the user is suggested. We use this to: 1. Improve the user's chances of winning a trip by having them invite friends to play 2. Lead the user to visit the Destination City Guide as well as the Trip Planner,'s two new services.


A responsive application

To cover all the functions of the market, the application was developed to specifically adapt to the resolution and hardware of each user.


Translated into 17 languages

To respond to the international standards of, the whole experience was set up in 17 different languages.


Community Management & Media Campaign

To increase the application's distribution and generate the maximum leads, a combination of Community Management and Facebook Media Campaign were deployed on Facebook for the entirety of the operation.

To go even further with the operation's development, we specifically created a video picking up the key points of the experience's narrative which was shared with thousands of users.

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Our expertise

The impacts

  • +100,000

    visits on the operation

  • 55%

    of visitors opt in

  • 90%

    of users visited a city guide

This operation showed that Facebook was still a powerful recruiter and that there really is an alternative to simple Facebook competitions, as long as you have an interesting story to tell.