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TAG Heuer, the avant-garde Swiss brand, made its mark on the industry thanks to its legendary timepieces. Now, in an era of digitalized services, the watchmakers have new challenges to overcome, in particular that of attracting a younger audience.

At the same time, virtual reality has been dubbed as the next digital revolution in terms of brand content and experience, particularly among this same young audience.

Our idea

Wouldn't it be the ideal moment for TAG Heuer to launch its own virtual reality platform, in the wake of big electronic distributors such as Samsung, Sony, or HTC?

The process

À l'image de chacune des créations de la marque, nous avons crée un plateforme dotée d'une histoire forte, d'une technologie d'avant-garde et basé sur un produit remarquable


This experience marks the arrival of a new player in the world of Virtual Reality

A remarkable product

We developed a virtual reality helmet that sets itself apart from the standards of the market in order to be closer to the brand's code.


A strong story

The story of TAG Heuer marks the beginning of this experience, taking a seat on board a Lancia D24 at the start of the "Carrera Panamericana" race, up into the heart of the Carrera Heuer-02T model.


An avant-garde technology

The hub that we developed, in unity with SDK Oculus, hosts a multitude of virtual reality experiences.

Our expertise

The impacts

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