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Since 2010, Orange France, a pioneer in social media communications, created dozens of fan communities. Each one brought to life by their numerous competitions every year.

How do you reduce costs, homogenize and bilaterally promote operations, while capitalizing on a user data set?

Our idea

Let Orange centralize its commercial operations whatever their community or support, while optimizing the participation rates using efficient and rich targeting.

The process

Create a multi-device technological platform enabling them to offer members a broad choice of applications (via SDK), offering (re)activation of User Experiencea using behavioral data and/or Interest Graphs.


Interactive and playful points of interest

15 community Facebook pages.

1200 Facebook boutiques.

More than 200 operations since the end of 2012.

Approx. 50 operators

1 social CRM platform

For the user, Orange Mix is an entertainment platform based on the content proposed by the brand. For Orange, it is a platform for digital communication, interpersonal marketing, commercial activation, social knowledge and collaborative work.

Orange Mix offers multiple contact points to its users: mobile links, fan pages, a search engine, a personal notification center. For both web and mobile, the Orange Mix package represented one of the most important advertising projects on the Facebook platform. It was first developed between January and October 2012.


Only one Facebook permission request

By accepting the Facebook permissions pop-up for the first time, the user is engaged with the application for the long-term. This means that, if the user so desires, they could participate in dozens of competitions, without ever having to re-accept. For Orange, this is also an efficient optimization of cost per user.


Interest centre

Thanks to social data and its dynamic analysis, Orange learns who its users are, and, more importantly, what they are interested in at that moment. While being internally exploited by Orange, this data also allows an even richer user experience.



Orange's media dimension now integrates a new tool: sending notifications from the App to its users informing them that an operation is available, derived from their past participations or from their interests.


The interface

The available platform allows a competition developer, using SDK, to offer their members a homogenous experience from one operation to the next, all the while allowing a free and easily adaptable design along with user support (web, mobile, tablet).


Operation creation

A connected social back-office facilitates the creation of operations:

  • quiz (photos, Deezer playlists, YouTube or DailyMotion videos). Instant wins (numerous options offered).
  • instant wins (numerous options offered).
  • Or SDK enable free application which is accessible to all developers.


Our expertise

The impacts

  • 500 000

    fixed users

  • 6

    million interests analyzed

  • 20%

    click rates on notifications