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On 25 December 2013, Thunder and the House of Magic, a beautiful animated feature produced by Studio Canal and directed by nWave, was released in cinemas. At the same time, another beautiful production came out: Disney's Frozen...

How do we emerge in the digital world as influencers of an audience of children and parents alike in such a competitive environment?

Our idea

Propose to the children, to the parents, or even to both at the same time, to actually live in the House of Magic, discover the universe and meet its inhabitants

The process

Deploy a digital strategy with an immersive website at its core, where we have modelled each room of the House of Magic to convey playful and interactive content.


A rich experience

Directly inspired by the world of "Point and Click" video games, each room has been imagined to accomodate mysterious and unpredictable content, allowing users to launch themselves into the film's world, characters and story.


Interactive and playful points of interest

The frames come to life as the user interacts with the points of interest. The user finds animations inserted in the scenes, items specific to certain characters and even videos relating to these points of interest.



All of the web content has been written in a young and light-hearted tone, yet never condescending.

The experience was translated into six different languages, allowing for its application on an international level.


3D Production and Motion Design

On the basis of original content supplied to us by the studio, the dynamic elements of each frame were reworked to be subtly integrated and to give depth to the experience.

A Multi-Device and Responsive Interface

Our ambition was to develop a rich, animated experience, close to what you might get with Flash technology, without actually resorting to it.

We did this so that users could enjoy an optimal experience whatever format they were using: desktop or tablet.

We constructed this experience by combining the best technologies of Javascript, SVG Animation, HTML5 and video.

To take it even further, the experience adapts to the potential of each user's material (responsive design) going so far as having a specific version for high definition retina screens.


Original goodies

All sorts of goodies (coloring books, cut-out masks, door handles...) have been specifically designed by WNP 909 to enrich the experience and extend the world of Thunder and the House of Magic beyond the digital.

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Community Management & Media Coverage

On the basis of content created on the digital platform, a Brand Content strategy was deployed on Facebook, via daily animation. Associating the world of film to social media codes (memes, newsjacking, divertissement...) have all been supported Facebook advertsing.

In this sense, the Facebook page was a space to build conversation with the audience, while also serving as an important tool for generating traffic towards the digital platform.

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Our expertise

The impacts

  • 1,200,000

    visits in France (20% over the objective)

  • 8

    minutes on average spent on site

  • 15%

    engagement on Facebook

This digital experience - beyond its depth and interactivity - constituted the foundations of a veritable Digital Brand platform which spread internationally, serving the commercial performance of the film.