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Janssen, the pharmaceutical laboratory of the Johnson & Johnson group is an engaged actor in the fight against illnesses such as AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis C and Psoriasis.

These are illnesses which are serious, and sometimes unknown to patients and their loved ones, yet affect the greater public profoundly.

How do you use social media to relay the laboratory's work with these illnesses, while adapting to the regulatory constraints of the health industry?

Our idea

Establishing and hosting reference communities to create safe spaces for exchanging information aimed at guiding and supporting those who are sick as well as their loved ones.

The process

Creating communities based on a shared illness, and backing it up with a strong identity. Defining an editorial line, a tone and content examples. Maintaining an editorial calendar and having the content spread through media campaigns on Facebook.


4 communities, 4 identities

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    Stop au sida

    AIDS, a scourge we forgot about, yet which always has been one.

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    Ensemble face au cancer

    Because the sick need all of our help in order to overcome their illness.

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    Another look cast upon schizophrenia, without taboo.

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    Ensemble face à l'hépatite C

    A serious and unknown illness, yet one we can avoid and cure

Editorial charter

Create useful content daily, hand in hand with Janssen's medical team.

  • Everyday advice

    Going beyond the illness by transmitting and encouraging messages which influence our way of life.

  • Gestures of sharing and support

    Supported by renowned ambassadors of each illness to put further weight and credibility behind our actions.

  • Quotations from the great minds of the world

    Which give courage and hope in the fight against illness


For a pharmaceutical laboratory to be present on social media raises some questions of vigilance and responsibility. This means that all user comments are surveilled and are brought to the necessary departmenrt's attention to signal potential cases of pharmacovigilance to the relevant authorities.


Studies & Statistical analyses

Results from each community, such as engagement rates and natural reach percentage, are regularly analysed following the KPI.


Going beyond conversations

Promoting and sustaining these communities also entails offering educational experiences to stimulate awareness. In this sense, we created the operation "A click can save a friend" from the principle that Hepititis C is an illness that people know too little about and that people could be affected by it without knowing.


Editorial content

Conversational calendar

Each community benefits from unique and scheduled editorial content to enliven its subjects, news, and important events, via rich content such as infographs, educational videos, interviews, etc.

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Our expertise

The impacts

  • From 20 to 300%

    Organic reach

  • 140 000

    Recruited fans

  • 650

    published content per year

We are proud to have successfully established and hosted reference communities for serious subject matter, such as cancer, where we have seen abnormal results, bypassing the standards seen on social media.